Monday, 3 February 2014

We Become an Official Google Partner, India

As all we know that The Google Certification Program has been replaced by a new and improved experience for agencies and online advertising professionals—Google Partners.
On October 02, 2013, Google launched its new Google Partners program, a certification platform that provides agencies and online marketers with free certification exams, access to “Google experts” and other members in the Google Partners community, along with sales and marketing toolkits.
Google Partners gives agencies access to free training, exclusive tools as well as the guidance and support you need to help your business clients succeed on Google. Learn what you need to know, from creating great ads and keyword lists to our reporting and optimization tools to maximize a client's return on their advertising investment.
After the initial announcement was published on the Google Agency Blog, an addendum was added, clarifying that the new certification “experience” on Google Partners will replace the Google Certification Program beginning November 13.
However, NEW STEP TECHNOLOGY Become a Google Partner. Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google. Though, NewStep Technology earned the Google Partners badge; The Google Partner badge means that Google trust you, and your clients should too. It shows your business is healthy, your clients are happy, and that you follow Google best practices.
We made a post recently explaining the dangers of unscrupulous SEO companies, or of companies claiming to practice SEO, but who don’t really understand it to the required level.
You don’t need to worry with New Step Technology. We are a Google Certified Partner Company India. This is the highest accolade that any search engine optimization business can achieve and we’re currently the few of them with this accreditation operating in India. To become a Google Partner company you have to adhere to the highest codes and standards in customer service, and have some of the best technicians in the business. So you can be sure of a trustworthy, reliable service of the highest quality.
From morning to night, we work to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the industry. From the latest “white-hat” (wholly legitimate) SEO techniques, to the new changes within Google’s Algorithm, we’re constantly updating our knowledge base. This dedication to staying in-the-know translates directly to our clients receiving the best possible services.
We are a Google Certified Partner, which means we have passed Google’s tests and carry a minimum monthly AdWords spend of $10,000 across our clients.
NewStep also in professional website design, mobile apps development and ecommerce solution. Our goal is to ensure your website and digital marketing campaigns are accurately being tracked using advanced innovative methods.


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