Monday, 11 June 2012

Can Small Businesses Gain from Big Company's Marketing Strategies?

Whether you have studied in Harvard Business School or any other Business Schools of the world, when it comes to case studies dealing with marketing & branding, they have a tendency to look at massive companies, such as Google, Apple or Coke. However, they fail to cumulate the zest of marketing that small businesses require.

Small companies spend a billion of dollars every year to generate brand & marketing strategies to replicate the success of massive firms. However, the business schools advice tends to ignore the fact that today the market conditions & business surroundings have changed radically & small businesses can learn a small from studying the behavior of massive brands & firms. The rules under which such business operates are not applicable to small businesses.

The small business owner has a limited marketing budget that centers them around the thought to be more creative in terms of marketing & sales activities. of the best way to differentiate their small business from the larger firm is by offering something that these giants does not offer, such as a distinctive product or more personalized services. Customer loyalty helps a business to grow, but can be achieved only by providing them quality services or products than branding. The owner himself in the preliminary stage can do a better marketing & branding of the product & the company as no knows better what the company & the product stands for. This will also help to generate a bridge of faith between the owner & his clients & investors, thus helping the business to grow without spending much.

In lieu, the small firms ought to concentrate on the organic methods to increase their growth, which may include obtaining more customers, persuading them to buy more or even purchasing expensive products by offering them better quality, services & customer care. This can be achieved by spending more time on market research & generating strategic marketing plan depending on the results of the research.

With a limited fund, they require to generate relevant content on their net site that will attract users & position their business & brand as a source of valuable knowledge. Also, writing for trade magazines that are relevant for the B2B & B2C categories will help small businesses to gain credibility & exposure. With net on a grow, it is important for them to have an online site that is keyword optimized for what their business does & where they can be found.

Online forums were not obtainable in the coursework of the preliminary days of Google & Apple, but today the small businesses can leverage it to reach to communities or forums that offer varying level of memberships. This not only gives an exposure but also helps them to get more interactive with the existing new bees & the elderly ones of the industry, thus providing them a chance to describe the market what they are.

Time has changed & so has the strategies & methods to enter the market. The theories of survival has also undergone a massive diversion from the elderly methods. It is important to follow & learn from the existing tales, but it is foolish to blindly follow them because you require to be of them.


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