Friday, 25 May 2012

Google: Cannot Recover From Penguin? Start A New Site

Danny Sullivan published a new story yesterday named Weeks In, Google Talks Penguin Update, Ways To Recover & Negative SEO.

In that news story, they interviews Google's spam lead, Matt Cutts on ways to recover from the Google Penguin update. There's some solid tips there but scary ones also.

Here is that is scary for those who were hit by the Penguin update:

If you have cleaned and still don't recover, ultimately, you might require to start all over with a fresh site, Cutts said.

But Google is not going to roll this back. Google's Matt Cutts said, "It's been a success from our standpoint." Were there false positives? Few Cutts said, "we've seen a few cases where they might require to inquire in to more, but this change has not had the same impact as Panda or Florida." fascinating.

Yes, that is scary for someone who was hit, is trying to frantically make changes but has not seen any recovery. Now, in case you have not seen a recovery yet - I would not worry, I don't think they refreshed the update yet, so there would not be any recoveries in my view.

Key Take Aways:

(one) Google is not going to roll this update back.
(two) Google says it had less of an impact than Panda or Florida.
(three) Don't take extreme measures yet, do what you can now so when Google does refresh the update, perhaps you can break away.

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