Saturday, 28 April 2012

Google Penguin and Panda Recovery

*For Immediate Release* (Press@NewStep) Ohio, USA. April 28, 2012 (News - Google Penguin Recovery).

Who is at risk?

High risk for those who used blackhat SEO and unnatural link building, content spinning, content spamming, buying text links and overuse of keywords as anchor tags.

Equally high risk for sites with onsite mistakes such as duplicate content, overuse of keywords, spammy internal linking etc.

Moderate risk for those who had used novice SEO firms who were not unware of the safety of the services offered.

What is the recovery process?

Check your backlinks profile. Make sure that you remove backlinks from spammy sites and sites on the same IP network.

If you have not paid attention to onpage SEO factors that can contribute to Google penguin attack.

Google Penguin update is about only these 2 factors. once you fix these, it's time to submit a reconsideration at Google webmaster tools and wait patiently.

Once Google bots reconsideration your website, it's time for a recovery process. Start natural SEO again without making the same mistakes.

Future care

Don't pay too much attention to keywords links and say no to buying text links.

Say no to automated SEO process which would spam the web backlinks to your website.

Make use of natural anchor tags such as  "Read More", "visit website" and other long tailed keywords in place of exact match keywords.

Spread all your SEO efforts across many inner pages of your website (deeplinking). Never over-optimize a single webpage.

Be active in social media not limited to facebook, twitter and Google+. Spread your word in Social sites such as stumbleupon and reditt as well.

Make sure that the onpage SEO factors such as page speed, META details, page content, image alt tags are well optimized and never compromised.

Proper SEO never brings result overnight no matter how fast you complete the campaign. So never rush. Spread the SEO so that promotion becomes natural.

Incase of hiring a SEO company, as questions and make sure that their SEO services are future proof. Make sure the company knows the in and out of ethical SEO.

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