Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Affordable Organic SEO Marketing with Monthly Payments

Business owners must take advantage of the average ten second attention span of internet users and be seen on the first page. NewStep Technology is one of the leading companies on the internet today which provides quality organic or natural SEO marketing to companies all around the world. Another reason to go natural is because PPC marketing can be very costly. The average cost of a top keyword is around $30 per click and increases by approximately 25% per year. Therefore do not click on the PPC or Sponsored Results listings. The main reason is that three-quarters of those who use search engines feel that the organic search engine results are more relevant to what they want. In fact, during one survey it was found that over half of all advertisers felt they were paying too much for their chosen words and the return on investment was incredibly low. The truth is that four out of five search engine users do not click on PPC (Sponsored) results, but instead choose to click on the organic or natural results that have achieved high rankings naturally due to SEO Marketing. The average internet user will not go past the third page or sometimes the second to find what they are looking for. While it may seem like a good idea to use PPC advertising because it is a quick way to put your site at the top of the search engine results quickly, it is actually not the most effective way to increase your exposure.

On top of the 25 to 40% savings compared to PPC costs, they are able to make your company's website go from page 100 to the first page on Yahoo and Google natural search results. Only 11% of advertisers report they achieved a higher rate of investment through PPC advertising than through SEO advertising.

That is only 1 out of 10 advertisers, why is this?

Please see what a few of the many satisfied clients of NewStep Technology's white hat SEO methods had to say:


Companies like Reach Local provide 90% PPC Services and charge much higher price. Because of this, they need to go to extreme measures in order to measure up to the high standard of NewStep Technology.EDU links, Link Exchange. The most important part then follows which is back linking including forum postings, article submissions and directory submissions, .

Please verify these accusations before making your decision on our company. NewStep Technology allows the client to know what is involved throughout every step of the SEO process. Due to the plethora of service and information that we provide at a higher quality, and for a lower price, our competitors post this false information in order to distract our potential customers. They will then optimize the code of the website including its structure, pages, titles, descriptions. Unfortunately, because we are one of the most popular companies that handle natural SEO and manage PPC ads, we get the brunt of false reports from other companies or SO called clients.

First they put keyword rich content on your website. Using headlines like "NewStep Technology Scam," these companies have tried to demean the product our company has worked so hard to provide at the highest standard for about a decade.

About NewStep Technology

NewStep Technology is a Local SEO Company in Los Angeles which offers Affordable Website SEO Services using Natural SEO techniques to achieve and maintain top 10 rankings for your online business within the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Lycos, Excite, Alta Vista and many more.


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